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Angel's Kiss

First Kiss

She was a rogue angel looking for excitement and sinful pleasure. He was a lascivious beast hungry for her arousing physique. They stared into each other's eyes for what seemed like an eternity. They could hear their friends on the other side of the closet door whispering and giggling. They both wanted to make the first move but they were too shy. Too scared of this unknown taboo they were about to embark on together. Their stomachs were in knots like a raging storm was passing between them. They knew that this was only a silly game, but yet it felt so real. So good. Like nothing they had ever experienced or imagined. He could feel all his blood and adrenaline flowing through his veins ready to erupt like an active volcano. She smelled like a beautiful flower in the middle of springtime and her skin was as soft as wool. Slowly their heads came together gradually breaking the air of tension between them. Their lips locked. He could taste the cherry lip balm she put on before the party. She could taste the stale beer he had been drinking with his buddies before the game started. It was an unstoppable force between them, like rivers of flowing water gushing forth from a broken dam. It was almost animalistic and reckless but brought them a sense of freedom and spontaneity. It felt like they had broken their innocence and lost their purity. They were no longer the innocent adolescents they were before they entered this closet together. They had stepped out of the realm of their purity into an adventurous new world full of bold recklessness and risky behavior. As they ventured out of the closet to their friends they weren't sure how they felt or what just happened but they knew they would forever be different people from now on. They would never be the same again. 

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Angel's Kiss
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