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And Then You

A Restless Night of Sleep with a Blissful View (For Once)

Original Photography by Mika B.

I had become accustomed.

Night after night my subconscious was plagued with dreams.

The strange, the hellish, the absolute batshit crazy that makes you wish you'd never sleep again.

Visions sparkled past my slumbering optical orbs,

Fucking with my REM cycle.

Last night was different.

Shifting sides, sleep wouldn't come.

Toss, turn, leg in, leg out.

Blankets on, blankets off.


Sleep soon swept over me, and I awaited my mind movies.

My expectations were rattled.

My soul twisted into warm white spires,

My heart beat just a few trembles quicker.

The wires in my brain were exploding with excitement.

This is new.

What was this feeling?

And then you.

Driving, along a red rocky road to god knows where, but I didn't care.

All I knew is that I was next to you.

The passenger seat, holding your hand.


Our conversation was endless, stretching as far as the universe.

I can't remember what was said, but it didn't matter because it was your presence that made this dream worth a thousand dreams.

Laughing and smiling, I could hold onto this picture forever.

I could wrap myself in this memory, bathe in your gaze, and live in the comfort of your nonexistent touch.

A dream come true.

Only it wasn't.

It was only a dream. 

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And Then You
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