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And so It Is

A Poem

Imperial Beach, California photographed by C. Alphenia

it was mainly a day to think, to ponder, to reason and wonder

grasp at reality, pulling further away from this existence

not away as in a task adverse

away and towards

pushing upwards and outwards

ever moving forward to the next, the steps of growth

the lesson learned

the power we ask, we wonder, we prod ourselves daily to participate in this charade of living life

and then as if by chance (but pre-intended) we begin to understand

we begin to see

they begin to know that it is us

it is we

it is me forever and ever


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C. Alphenia
C. Alphenia

C. Alphenia has been an educator, artist and life coach for over 12 years. She creates wood and metal sculptures and wall hangings. C. Alphenia strives to live a compassionate life by focusing on spiritual and emotional growth. 

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And so It Is
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