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An Unwanted Being

Society Triggers

What did I ever do to deserve such a pain?

Such a pain that would cause chaos under my skin.

To have my family incomplete like a puzzle.

Still, I'm trying to hold on to see if I can just solve the DAMN puzzle!

Nothing is working, and I feel 


I've been through so much...

Yet, it still keeps tugging at my heart.

Haunting me every night.

Watching my friends, and how happy they are with their family.

While I'm crying myself to sleep, almost every night.

To wake up without your family there...

To know that perhaps I'll never get to see them again.

Afraid that another family member could leave without saying a word.

Yet, I continue on living life as this bubbly individual.

Hiding a dark, and deep secret from the world.

Wearing a mask in my daily life, hiding what lays beneath.

                                                                            Is this what is expected of me?

                                                                 Through time, I've always wondered...

Will this ever end...?

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An Unwanted Being
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