Kayleigh Harper
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An Iris for Arborvitae

Everything has a meaning.

Purple Iris

Aloe is for healing, A Pansy for your thoughts, May all unwind and all be caught.

I am a Violet, A Willow is currently within my heart, What was said not to happen is currently tearing us all a part. 

May I be an Oak, May I also have some Thyme, May you have Rosemary for this rhyme.

Salvia blue My friend, Salvia red, I pray many things come to you, anything, but dread. 

May you have Horehound, May you have Holly, I pray everything in your life is jolly. 

Here is some Dill, Here is some Pine, Please just Rosemary, rewind. 

Please release your Tansy, May you have some Rue, Always know, I'm there for you.

I have Valerian for whatever may come, Please don't have too much of the Morning Glory, It will only cause me to worry. 

I will always have Tarragon because you are my friend, Please accept my Fern; When you play with fire, please do not get a single burn. 

I want you to have Honeysuckle, but not right now; I want you to have Lilac, but more of the crocus, with not quite all of the roses currently in your possession, I wish you could see how everyone is in some minor form of a depression.

Refuse the Tulip, Accept the Sage, Please don't let your emotions turn into rage.

May he bring Sweet William, May he bring Marjoram, May he not call you "girl," but "ma'am." 

I hope you find Myrtle, May you have Jasmine, Please keep your feelings contained in your heart's pen. 

I hope you find Heliotrope, I hope you have SouthernWood, I hope you see the people that are by you, who always stood.

 I hope you have plenty of Sorrel, I hope he gives you plenty of Savory, I hope he shows plenty of bravery. 

May you have Hyacinth, May you have plenty of Fennel, Please, when you are ready, get me out of the kennel. 

Look at the White Clover often, Forget-me-not, Because of what you are after and sought.

My Chives are useless right now, So I'll use my Chrysanthemum, Because all I can do is pray and sit on my bum. 

Lord give me some Chamomile, To God be the Bay, And may she know where we all stay. 

May she see our Coriander as you do, Lord please give us a Daisy, Praise he. I need some Lady's mantle, I need some Goldenrod, I pray nothing destroys your house made of sod.

Maybe you'll realize all of the Morning glories we all hold for you, Maybe you'll notice the Geranium as well, Then we can help you like you've done before when we once fell. 

A Carnation possibly for a while, Whenever you get done, we'll be at the top of the hill, Please for now, accept my Daffodil.

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An Iris for Arborvitae
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