An Honest Verbal Vomit About Nature

I realized the oddest thing the other day. Well, in fact, it wasn't really the other day whatsoever. It was in March.

I realized the oddest thing the other day. Well, in fact, it wasn't really the other day whatsoever. It was in March. I was driving. Well I wasn't driving. I was passenger-ing. In a pretty white vehicle with lots of windows (I like windows) and we were soaring through the forest.

And it has just rained. Oh yes ohhhh yes you know what I'm talking about. That sweet, refreshed, red cheeked, ambience that tickles fingertips and makes your hair frizzy, but you don't mind. You hear the drip drip drip of tag along raindrops eager to join their friends on the comfortably soppy underbrush, the sky's still grey. A happy grey though, silver lining grey, mumma loves you grey. Cold comfort, crystal water running through the creek, walk alone with a puppy splashing somewhere, left your phone at home kind of feeling. Wind shield wipers clear the mist sent down from the evergreens. A wet something fallen from above dives between your shirt and your back trickling down down, the hairs on your arms struck up tall like armed soldiers. And can I even attempt to describe the smell?

Yes, it just rained. DO I have your attention yet? Yes hello I am still passenger-ing. I'm in the back seat. There's something to be said about the back seat. I was tilting my head in uncomfortable ways to see the trees stand upside down. Sitting in the backseat is a one-way ticket to being a kid again.

I think I like seeing my reflection in the window to find that I'm all grown up. But I know I like pretending my life's a movie and I'm the sad girl watching the raindrops race down my window... But that's beside the point.

Driving. It's rhythmic. I can write when I drive, think when I drive, hell I can read when I'm in a car and I thank god for that. But this particular car ride had me pondering for reasons beyond me.

In fact, I came up with something that was entirely from my own brains. Which is certainly something to be proud of as a person who likes to think about things.

Well, here it is.

It had just rained.

​We created the indoors. It's completely made up. It doesn't exist in the natural world.

In the land before time there was no outside, everywhere was what it was and existed simply as what it was. A tree was tree. A field was an field. A lake was a lake. And the frogs and the bees and even the little fleas had a home in the trees and there was no place of salvation.

No place to hide from the rain, or the biting wind. There was only acceptance for this is the way it was and all the creatures in the great wide world lived, and live to this day, as a bystander to the elements, a player in mother earth's game of life, merely a glimpse of colour in the mosaic weaving every being into each other as one life, one home, one place, one planet.

But we decided it wasn't good enough. We built walls to escape the breeze, and roofs to hinder the rain's pathway to the thirsty ground. We build roads on the frogs homes and knocked down the trees for the bees. Because being comfortable is more convenient than spending but a moment on our hands and knees. 

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An Honest Verbal Vomit About Nature