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An Endless World

Lost Within Yourself

As I keep on pondering and pondering about in the snow, I wonder when it will end and whether or not time will just stop. 

How lovely it would be if time just stopped in the moment that the winter wonderland came to be. 

For hours and hours, it would keep on snowing until everything was covered in white.

At first, there was light. Then, the light took flight and an endless cycle began.

As I reached out to the white land, the whiteness that once provided happiness began to haunt me. 

In times of trouble, I would try and shout, but to no avail did an answer come through.

I kept on panting and panting, clueless and lost of the direction that I was heading towards.

The hope that I once had began to fade ever so slowly,

gradually turning into a thin sliver of light as I waited for someone to come and rescue me and point me in the right direction.

On my last breath, as I thought that I wouldn't be able to make it,

I heard a faint voice say, "get up, you still have hope."

That's when I got back up onto my two feet and found happiness once more. 

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An Endless World
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