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An Autumnal Pondering

On being an energy sensitive goof and the dangers of cutting off perceived negativity for your mental health.

Painting by Cedar Lee

Isolating one's self is not only the ill-starred product of mental health dysfunction, but the beginning of despair. To exist only within one's bubble is to exist only within one's spirit. This is done to throw over ourselves a cloak of comfort, yet such comfort of a cloak is a mere illusion. Such a mechanism is easily mistaken as a survival tactic; yet to live only within our spirit, to nurture our human self only with the spirit we were gifted with, means to cease being human. You float, as souls do so before they take human form. Isolation does not end that which threatens you. Living within only love, only with the love of your own, does not remove that which is outside of you. It removes you.

Humans are made to move, be free, dance with one another. A human life is a gift. Life itself is magic. Yet, not all human beings are human beams. 'I am made mostly of light', you say. 'My heart may outgrow this body by Christmas'. So love! Does it ache to not be fed the love you know? Your heart is love. You love so much that you bleed it. You may drown in blood if you keep it. So love! 'I step out the house and tense up. I forget the woman I want. - To be.' So love!

There may seem a lack of love in this world. This leads to a lack of belief. Many factors contribute to the deterioration of the potential to love and dream within a child. How must one have faith? The lack of belief has lead to the plunge of a death of the free, dreamer spirit. Humans tend to fall into the cycle of a dull gloom. 'Nobody believed in me. I do not believe in me. How dare you prosper? How dare you dream?' Yet, I wish to note the many beauties of this Earth who have suffered a storm yet stand firmly in a body of love, as well as those who cannot love anymore.

Love and hopelessness must both be acknowledged. There is a balance in this world, if we love where there is no hope and know that love exists beyond a lack of hope. Whether you hurt, or you are hurt, you must know there are people, angels, with unconditional love, all over this Earth, who pray for you.

You must spend time alone, with the Moon, and the rest; or your time alone does not equate rest. To settle into only your own energy, however much safety you claim, will not strengthen your blessed human being. Have you not, will you not spend enough time floating with your self? You are human, a miracle, a dream; so love!

I have healed and I always will. My tree has to keep decaying, and I let it. So, I step out the house; Love!, cry, and not regret it.

/ Written based on my own beliefs. I welcome, accept and respect your views, our differences. Happy autumn! All the warmth to you.

October 27th, 2017
Rebeka Raffai

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An Autumnal Pondering
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