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An Anxious Heart

Prayers for the Weary

I woke up to clouds of discouragement,

a fog of fear, anxiety arose on the horizon,

I felt my heart rate increase as I tried to

catch my breath, the weight that

compressed my chest was unbearable

Panic attacks were a norm for me,

however, it's been a while since my last episode,

to be awakened with such force caught

me by surprise, mainly since things

are going well at home

What could be the root of this discord?

I took it to the only source I knew could

bring me comfort, and I began to pray

Father make it go away, as I pleaded the tears

flooded, and I could feel relief settling in my spirit

I wrote down my thoughts and meditated on His truth,

I didn't need to be anxious about anything

but with prayer along with being thankful

I could make my request known to Him,

His peace will guard my wearied heart

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An Anxious Heart
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