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An Angel Named Emily Smith

(extended version)

Emily Smith 

I didn't understand what was

happening.. the terms I couldn't grip.

Every day was the same as before..

My memory had begun to slip.

I relived the pain every morning..

But would forget that Night, my curse..

After getting it checked I was told

That things would only get worse.

So, I thought my life was over.

and that "Recovery" is a myth. In my

darkest days, I reached out..

..to an angel named Emily Smith.

Emily has a way with words,

and explains them in a way..

..that makes me want to hear her

thoughts until my dying day.

Now when that dying day

arrives, and it might arrive too

Soon.. just know that she has

brightened my life, more than

the Sun has brightened the Moon.

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An Angel Named Emily Smith
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