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American Gothic

A Poem Created out of an Ekphrasis Exercise-Based on the Painting by Grant Wood

She stares off into the distance,

A vacant expression on her face.

He stands there with his pitchfork,

No idea that she longs to leave this place.

In her mind she often wonders,

why she has stayed with him so long.

She knows better than anyone

that what he's doing is wrong.

She cannot even look at him,

She is filled with such disgust.

She doesn’t want to do it,

but she knows that she must.

The neighbours on their street,

they just go about their day.

But if they knew what went on

they’d not be able to look away.

If only she could just escape,

and go somewhere far away.

But he has a tight grip,

he will not let her stray.

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American Gothic
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