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American Dictatorship


You have the right to remain silent, Yeah right it's time to be violent.

It's time to fight against the silence with random acts of violence.

The New World Order revolves around forceful compliance,

Then Martial law will be enforced to handle any defiance.

Our own Government is no longer our alliance, Our enemy

Stares us all in face and we've become reliant.

2nd Amendment rights they're trying to abolish,

Taking our guns away feeding us only lack of knowledge.

Only one way to solve this is to cancel out the problem.

Start from the top and work our way down to the bottom.

Thousands will die, but will never be forgotten.

Got to fight for our rights that have all gotten rotten.

The American Army has lost all authority, due to

Presidential intentional communist deformities.

Government debt forces American families into

Conformity of new age forms of slavery. The

Mark of the beast has never been worn so proudly.

Nazi America say goodbye to any democracy.

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American Dictatorship
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