A Lyric

a soul breached

the sun this morning.

this morning when I woke

empty and full of everything

I woke

as the essence of my self

expanded and the existence

of everything seeped in.

I woke

stretched down the street

across state lines

over oceans…

I reached

your bedroom

and his

and hers

and theirs.

I reached

and perhaps you felt it

as I became the feathers in your pillow

or the groan of your headboard.


I knew you

like every cup of coffee

you have at nine.


I was you

like brazilian black diamond

on my tongue.

we woke

forgetting who we were

as we stared at the wall

the ceiling

the window.

we woke

as the expanding essence

of everything retreated.

my soul breached

the sun this morning

and you felt the knowing of it.

you woke my body

to celebrate the news.

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