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Alone in My Mind, Battle of Depression

In my mind

Alone in my mind

I have died a thousand times in my mind, the whole world left behind.

I have fought and cried inside my soul, buried secrets nobody should know.

I have entered a world no outsider can see, filled with depression and fear as a need.

I have battled anxiety to the point of no return, thought it would subside with all I have learned

Can't drive or live or work or breathe, without the fear of all I need.

I can't breathe

Shake like an earthquake, run laps in my mind.

Trying to leave all the pain behind.

I can't deny the truth when the lies come out.

From a pill in my hand to razor no doubt.

The only thing keeping me alive.

Is love for my family and a need to survive.

Fear growing with every day, is this the end or just my grave.

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Alone in My Mind, Battle of Depression
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