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Almost There

And with a few chosen words her faith is strengthened.


Staring out the window.


It's cold.

"It's only going to get colder," she says.

He nods his head.

He's driving.

He quiet.

I guess we both have been quiet lately.

Life has been a little unkind you see.

Maybe just to us- so it seems.

It's been trying.

Everything is damn difficult.

One mountain you climb, the other is just too steep.

Sometimes you find you don't even bother because you know it just won't happen.

Elevated voices.


Neither of us really know, but deep down we do.

We do.

Moments later the tension releases.

He makes her laugh.

He always tries to make her smile.

But bitterness has engulfed her heart.

It has wrapped it up and bound it so tight that it can barely pulse.

It hurts to even move.

They both ache.

"It's supposed to snow next week," he tells her absentmindedly.

Knowing the weather freaks her out.

"Shit, what are we going to do?"

"What do you mean?" He asks.

"Nevermind." She says staring out the window.

About where we are, she wants to scream.

She wants to run but she's too much of a coward to leave, but really wouldn't it be cowardice to leave?

And, oh, so unfair.

I couldn't just walk away, not now, not this way, she tells herself.

He hums to the song on the radio, changing up the lyrics, trying to get her to laugh.

She musters up a smile.

He stops.

Summer wasn't too bad.

Heat is better than cold.

Wanting to just lay down in bed.

Wanting to just go home.

They say you never know how important simple things are like a meal or a shower until you are the one needing one.

I don't know, I read that some where, just not sure where.

What we have been made to endure I wouldn't wish on anyone.

They also say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, but to this I must disagree.

I've been pretty weak lately.

And I've prayed for death, then thanked my stars for not listening.

"We're almost there," he mutters.

"Are we though?" She asks.

He grips the wheel and looks over to her.

Tears falling from her eyes.

She has learned to cry silently; he gets upset when he sees her hurting, it makes him nervous.

Because it's something he can't fix.

"Yes, baby, we are almost there."

He smoothes her hair as he speaks.

She smiles and takes his hand.

'Almost there' is good and she believes.

And with a few chosen words her faith is strengthened.

She watches him as he drives, she loves this man.

She's loved him for a very long time.

For her he's the one.

He says the same about her.

Together is better than going through this alone.

Times test their bond.

Situations have them struggling.

But their faith in the outcome and hope that tomorrow will bring better days has got to remain solid.

Faith is their anchor.

Faith is what's left.

They know this and they try to hold on.

"Yes," she says squeezing his hand tightly, "almost there."

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Almost There
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