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Allegory of the Life

Midnight Perspective

Troubled past, dark shadows loom on the horizon like overcast

I'm going back

but not without letting go of what I've learned last

doomed to be, casualty, the devil laughs last

absurd it seems learning these truths about a king

the subjects plead "we need him please!" but it got the best of him

addiction is crippling it blew up at the end

11 years old, we begin

saw a video, took notice of how some were voluptuous

"put your trust in us" subliminal messages in his head

had no defense, at his expense relationship with a father was basically dead

momma wants to give him more but settles for food and bed

give her some cred, stripped of emotions with tears that she shed

always had April's showers

but they didn't bring May flowers

so now he's counted hours to the day he could say "the throne is ours!"

it does something to the mindset and the way that he's thinking

a background surrounded by financial ship sinking

no one to pass a crown, no one to set a tone, so he decides to color his own

the madness and sheer scrutiny

"he probably thinking he's gon be somebody isn't he?"

"well I done beat everybody and you go through grunts to get to me

play it off, but you ain't make the bracket so no checking me"

but that's not what it's all about

he wants to pave his ways with the secrets he let out

spraying waves on a path they can't do without

but I wonder if he got control of the demons or let 'em out?

Full of legions, like Teigen he's with the ordinary

people, no equal to the evils though, even his screams are so serial belting out

welling up from the bottom of the pit of his heart

bodes towards pulling it all together or threatens to tear him apart

which one will he choose? the red or the blue?

a message at crossroads

but right now the truth, it's only words that will incite a few

a pill that's hard to swallow but an allegory too

maybe we're all kings and queens and we might straighten up the view?

Leave a guide to follow

before your time is up though

it's up to us, we'll stop it all I know

"In God we trust", pockets full but the hearts are hollow

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Allegory of the Life
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