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All We Know On Earth


the truth, so brutal

It feels like a trial

by fire, and mutual

an arson with no fuel

of the palace of illusion

whose majesty retires

dripping tears of justice

while it extinguishes 


in the dust, a little me

growing, fraying weed

coiling sapphire ring

never ending seed

the rise of who I must be

with no master, no crown

the soul that I carry around

the body I can see, proud

stepping to the funeral

of my presumable

masterpiece character

a secret event, only doable

in secret, a chewing

first communion, of

my body and soul reunion

I am again re-born

is a fate pick l cannot fathom 

I am the one, gone

again, the same person

in a fire circle of unions

to walk bare, a nude

a masterpiece raped

stolen and found back

in the same place, in flesh

it hurts, it poison the veins

it is a push through a  stone

it is a flight I had in past won

still plough down my mellow

in the bone, I look up

stubborn, and finally light

I saw, my eyes not sore

anymore, the output of turmoil

of the spring in the soil

of the wind in the glass

of the sapient craft

out of the dirtiest mud 

shine that  I mourn

and long in the meanwhile

the innermost drive

to find all we know on earth

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All We Know On Earth
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