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All I Know Is This

A Poem

Sunset On Murray Beach July 2017 by Hayley McGaghey

All I know is this

I would do anything to make you happy

I would say anything to make you less angry

I would give up everything to keep you safe

I would never speak again if you would be pleased

I would never stop listening as long as there were no more hurtful words dripping off your tongue

I would not talk to anyone else if you would still love me

I would always keep the peace and never be my sassy self to stay with you

I would let go of my fears if you promised to protect me for always

I would rip out my heart and hand it to you as long as you promise not to drop it

I would never look to my past if it meant my future included you

I would give up my dreams to help you accomplish yours

I would risk my freedom to save yours

All I know is this

I love you and I will never stop loving you

All I know is this

You and losing you are my biggest fears

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All I Know Is This
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