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All I Ever Wanted

Someone to Understand

All I ever wanted

Was someone to understand

To see the pain I go through

Even when I try to hide

I’ll never ask for help

I don’t want your pity

I just want someone to see

What’s going on with me

I show so much love

I put on a pretty good act

Trying to ignore the fact

That I am lost

I always have been

I can’t get back

To wherever it is I came from

I can’t remember

When it all got dark

So many years I’ve lived here

I make trails and tunnels

I’m certain will lead me out

But then I doubt and turn around

Afraid of what I am

Embarrassed of where I’m from

I prefer to stay numb

All I ever wanted

Was someone to care

To show me they won’t leave

And leave me in despair

I give love so freely

The kind I want to feel

I give and give

To feel I am worthy

To receive love in return

A burden is what I never wish to be

I just want someone to open their eyes and see

See that I am not okay

See that I don’t want to be this way

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All I Ever Wanted
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