Ace Over King

This is a poem about some things a guy actually said to me about himself.

You say you're a fighter,

Never to back down.

You say you're the alpha male,

Standing above all.

You say you're Superman,

Fearless and indestructible. 

Well you should know,

I'm a fighter too

And don't back down,

But not the same as you.

If you're Superman,

Then I must be kryptonite

Hidden beneath blue eyes.

You're an alpha,

But so am I.

Like the lion, an alpha male,

A king.

But I guarantee 

He would be the first to bow to the queen.

She's the alpha of alphas.

So take a seat boy,

I think I've got you beat.

You may be

A fighter, an alpha,

And maybe even Superman.

But I'm a fighter,

An alpha of alphas, and a blue eyed kryptonite.

I already know you'll retaliate,

Throw something back at me.

To top my words.

To feel like top dog.

But lay down puppy,

I'll throw you a bone.

Good boy.

Now I'll let you lead and believe,

That in this game of cards

You're the ace over my king.

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Ace Over King
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