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Accidental Mother

Mommy Issues

She gave me life

Told me I was a blessing since day one

Said I was so beautiful and nice

An “extremely calm baby” she said

Yet she wasn’t ready to be a mom

She didn’t know how to care for a child who was curious about life

The so called “calm baby” was growing and as the baby grew she ignored her

Neglected her and degrading her

This blessing of a child soon turned into a curse as the child began to withdraw from the world

Lost and in pain the child sought help from a mother who was unavailable

A mother who didn’t know how to love

A mother who made everything about herself

The mother became dependent of the child

Always running to the child in search of comfort whenever something went wrong

The child blinded by the love she had her for her mother, comforted her and held her in her arms as she cried and told her all her troubles

Not being able to go to her mother in her times of trouble

The child began to wear a fake smile and put on a show of strength for her mother

Wanting to always make mother proud and happy

The child forgot about being a child

Mother always telling the child that she was the only good thing in her life

If the child failed her, the mother would be devastated

The child was turned into the mother and the mother became the child

The child afraid of losing her mother

Became a figure of strength for her mother

Did everything she could to please her mother

To comfort her

Respect her

Love her

Be that one person who never lets her down

Make her proud

Make her dreams of owning her own house reality

Be her strength

But what the child soon began to realize was that the she was in pain and needed her mother

The child naively believing that the mother would comfort her in her time of need

Went to her with tear in her eyes

The mother seemed confused

As if it was impossible that the child was asking for comfort

The child approaching her mother trying to feel her love was quickly rejected

“If you want to die, just kill yourself” the mother told the child

The child’s heart fell into the deepest darkest edges of her soul

She was destroyed

The child believing she was going receive the love, understanding and comfort from her mother was left in disbelief

The child began to believe that it was her destiny to die by her own hands

Alone and afraid

The child went in search for a less painful world

She found that she was robbed of her childhood

She found that her mother wasn’t a mother

Her Mother was toxic



The child quickly understood that her mother was blinded

Unable to see the truth

Victim mentality was what she had

The mother became a parent my mistake

But the child was never a mistake

The child broke free from the broken mother and embraced herself

Loved herself

Discovered herself

The child told herself that she was worth living a happy life and so the child went on with life without having to worry about having a “mother”

The child was her own mother the entire time so the child knew that all she needed was self love to be set free from the heartbreaking pain she was left with from her procreator

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Accidental Mother
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