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Abusive Man

He will have you blinded by his jewels.

Author and Poet 

Abusive man could be so charming

He will have you blinded by his jewels.

Abusive man which he is

But can't stand up and face another man.

Abusive man get drunk to beat you.

Abusive man disrespects you and your family.

Abusive man always begging to be taken back

And that he promises it will never happen again

Abusive man that you are why did you

have to come and tear my world apart.

Abusive man, you've blackened my eye.

Abusive man why must you try and lie.

Abusive man could be so sweet

He would leave you leaking in the streets.

Abusive man why you chose me

Could it be that you are as weak as leaves.

Abusive man can be so discreet.

Abusive man which I was finally able to leave.

By: Author Ms. Lakyshia Shelton

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Abusive Man
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