Absorbed In Our Ways


As we drove along the winding interstate

the world sat quietly.

It watched from the sidelines

and shaded our path.

The tires spun with anticipation

of new roads to travel.

The birds and other woodland creatures

hid amongst the snow covered mountain tops

playing peek-a-boo as they shook the white from their fur.

Warmth from the sun began to sink into their coats

and the trees dressed in their lacey best

began to lose it all.

Shivering, they grew weak from the cold

and their branches snapped one by one

but no one seemed to notice.

No one seemed to care.

As we drove along the winding interstate

the world did not sit quietly anymore.

It ran along side us,

trying to move on with the day.

And as we continued on absorbed in our ways,

the woodland creatures no longer kept up an interest in our hurried days.

Instead the woodland creatures breathed a sigh of relief

at their lightened load and turned their attention back to their humble abode.  

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Absorbed In Our Ways