How much more can I take?

Image by pixel2013 on Pixabay

We laughed and dance with liquor

in our hands.

The stars followed us through

the rough waters as we sailed

and didn’t have a care in the


When I looked next to me I

knew something was wrong.

The breeze was cold and I

couldn’t feel your warmth


I reached over and the

ghost of who you were

was gone.

I was alone on rough

waters and didn’t know

how to steer the ship.

The stars started falling

into the water and causing

enormous waves to throw

the boat over.

I screamed for you

but you were gone in the wind.

The tattered blanket

on board wasn’t enough

to dry my tears.

I let the ship rock

back and forth

until I fell asleep.

I hoped that when

I woke up you’d be

there, but there was


I was on an island

With no help.

I was alone.

I screamed for you

but I received no


I sat and cried,

praying for you

back, but you

never came back.

I was going to

be on this island

for a long time,

and I couldn’t

help myself. 

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