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A Young Boy's Encounter with Him

CW: Sexual Assault

Is it even worth talking about?

I could spend days describing the locks you put around my ankles

The cracks you put in the foundation of my character

You chiseled away at me with your rough hands

Covered in the dried up tears of those you chased before me

Covered in the shame you wipe away from your brow

When you sweat from hiding the truth of your character

When you run through hellfire to escape your actions

You cast a shadow that leaves frost on the ground beneath it

You reached your hand up my shirt expecting a loving boy’s heart

But all you felt was the crumbling of my fragile childhood

It fell apart in your palm and blew away in the wind

Never to be repaired, never to be found again

I never would’ve thought I’d feel your hands 12 years later

They keep me up at night, mind running like drive belt

Running the motor that drives my hate for you

Running the motor that drowns out the sound of your whispers

A motor fueled by an unwilling attendant

A motor that's been running for way too long

It burns a fuel that fills my mind with a toxic gas

It burns a fuel that keeps the fire in my heart burning strong

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A Young Boy's Encounter with Him
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