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A Witch

We are the ones with autumn in our veins. - A.R.

There is a magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight.

I cast a spell 

to make you fall 

in love

I am nothing

but darkness

that hides in

the crevices 

of your eyes 

The very tears 

I drink in my 

salted caramel 


You have kissed 

a witch's lips 

but I never cast

a spell on 

those blue eyes 

The moment I 

kissed those lips, 

you broke my spell

as tasted your sweet

soul on my pink-snaked


I am nothing but 

the sand in your hourglass,

the holy water 

that chokes your very 


I am not sweet 

but rather deadly,

so I ask you not 

to love me

Yet, this witch 

has fallen in love

with human boy

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A Witch
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