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A Wee Scottish Dragon

Here be dragons.

here be dragons

In a cave, that opened on the side of a hill

Is a legend that's spoken of many times still

Of a beastie with wings that built up its nest

In that cave on the hill just under its crest

It was said that even in the darkness of night

A fiery glow lit the hill with its flickering light

Oft times there was heard a shrill piercing scream

In truth, it would wake folk it wasn't a dream

The beastie has seldom if ever been seen

Yet its colour was said to be purple and green

It must be like camouflage is what I would say

For the beastie has never been seen to this day

Just like oor Nessie this beastie's a winner

It canna be seen by a man or his brither

If you ever should visit that cave on the hill

Don't forget that the beastie might yet be there still

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A Wee Scottish Dragon
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