A Weapon

We all have it.

The most powerful weapon imaginable.

I possess a weapon.

That's right.

You read that correctly.

I have a weapon.

It's perfectly legal,

Yet it's more powerful

Than any blade you can sharpen,

Any gun you can load, 

Any bomb you can drop

And any pile of money you can spend.

It can destroy cities,

Tear people apart,

And create more evil

Than Vader or Dooku in their prime.

I possess it.

You possess it.

We all possess it.

And we use it every day.

At the mall,

At the bank,

At school,

At work,

At home,

Anywhere we go, we wield this weapon

And nobody could ever take it away from us

No matter what they do,

Or what they say,

Nobody can ever take this away from us,

Despite all the evil it can do.


This weapon can also inspire nations,

Build people up,

And do more good

Than Luke or Yoda in their prime.

The greatest people can be created or destroyed

From this one simple weapon.

You may use it for good,

You may use it for bad. 

But the power it contains 

Will always be retained

Because it transcends life

And even death itself.

This weapon?

This weapon we all possess,

This weapon that has the power to change the world,

Or destroy it, all the same?

It's your words.

They can motivate people to do extraordinary things,

Be the best people they can be,

You can create a change of heart,

Or turn that heart black,

And create such evil,

And discourage people from working on their dreams.

All with your words.

Let this be a call,

A mantra,

A reminder,

That no matter what anyone takes from you,

No matter what anyone does to you,

No matter what anyone says to you,

Your words will be your greatest weapon.

Use them to build our greatest people,

Our greatest hopes,

Our greatest dreams,

Use them to drag your dreams by the foot into reality,

Use them to do magnificent things,

To achieve your goals,

To change the world for the better,

To make this world the best it can be.


As someone with this innate power,

This natural ability,

This immense strength,

Have this great responsibility,

To use them wisely.

Do not waste your words.

They are the greatest weapon you have.

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