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A Stroll Through the Park

A Poem About My Perfect, Happy Day

the color purple is my color yellow. 

Alone, I walked between the trees long past the trail. I decided that.

I reached my hand to caress the plant below me. “I made a new friend,” I murmured to myself.

I did that again and again throughout my walk. Life was everywhere. Every flower and foliage perfected into what it is today.

The clouds above me calmly surrounded the sun, providing me shade on such a warm day. I smiled. I didn't even realize it but I did.

An effortless smile.

Beyond me stood many more friends. I gazed upon the colors; completely mesmerized by the patterns and disorder of nature's palette.

As I looked closer, I noticed the constellations within each bush. Flowers created stars and twinkled in my eyes. Every little plant is fighting for survival and without knowing or caring, they managed to catch my attention as I stood enchanted at their beauty.

My dear, you are not a plant, but you are also a survivor. Remain strong but you must live beyond survival. See your beauty and let it radiate others. Look past your own soil on this earth and pay attention to what you normally do not. Maybe you'll see much farther than I did. 

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A Stroll Through the Park
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