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A Smoker's Breath

Be careful who you tell your secrets to.

She took a drag of her cigarette, told her secrets to the nicotine, and they let go of it, telling their lies.

She put her heart and soul into it, and got nothing in return. Cos for him, she just wasn't it.

Most of her time was spent grieving, over the sound of her broken heart beating. She found it hard to keep breathing, hard to keep believing what was being said to her.

What happened to the people she once trusted, where is the man that made her feel combusted?

Stuck in a rut, hearing 'but' after 'but'. Trying to make sense of it all feeling like she's two feet tall, gonna fall, take a leap, she's already in too deep. Too late to turn back now, she looks at him with a furrowed brow, has a cow.

Broken heart turned to art, all those tears urged by fears, collected over the years.

Overcome one by one, take a step see the depth in this crazy mess, find the purpose, fix what is us. See the mistakes, do what it takes to patch up the holes, set apart the new and the old, so I'm told there's still love, what I hear is I'm getting shoved, but only from above do you find true love.

So put away the box of unending abuse, pack it up two by two's. Fight on through, hard times don't stop just because you chose to save some dimes.

She is worth it, at the time it was too hard to see, the only love she receives is from me. Will you love her too, maybe showing love will allow someone to love you.

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A Smoker's Breath
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