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A Slideshow in Someone's Day

In the Key of A

all within a minute

Is it true that one sees his or her life flashing by in the last moments?

Another seedling in the sun,

An earthquake breaks its gentle hold,

And then, a rainbow lights the sky…

All within a minute.

Another orbit is begun,

A tract of land is bought and sold,

A wary mountain heaves a sigh…

All within a minute.

A single mother bears a child,

Another tree is taken down,

A tired river finds the sea…

All within a minute.

A tiger taken from the wild,

Another missing link is found,

A highway long and wide must be…

All within a minute.

A nova’s wonder fills the void,

An elephant is shot and killed,

Another pattern on the loom…

All within a minute.

A moment’s pleasure is enjoyed,

And then the breath is drawn and stilled,

Another sunbeam in the room…

All the time within it.

r. nuñez, 1/2013

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A Slideshow in Someone's Day
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