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A Short Poem

I think of you daily, the child I will one day hold and love.

A short poem 

The apple of my eye

My future child

Wild are my thoughts of what your hue will be

A gleeful baby who giggles

With cheer

Or a cryer who'll keep me up for years

The apple of my eye

My future child

Will it be me or she

You resemble most

Will you have my eyes

Will you have her noes

Her fears

My woes.

The apple of my eye

My future child

I wonder if you'll grow up to see

A life never awarded to me

From the draw for birthright royalty

I promise I'm working

determined to make your dreams


I hope that if by your time I did not do

The things I said I'd accomplish

I hope that I find me a good enough job to help you pay for your college Fees.

Cause knowledge is power

And if there is anything I'll be grateful to hand down to you

Is the things I never was taught

Hopefully it can it help you on your move. Your way.

Apple of my eye

My future child. 

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A Short Poem
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