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A Second of Sadness, A Day of Warmth

Allow yourself to feel sad when you need to. Don't let it seep into your entire day if it's not supposed to.

Photo by Brittany Neale on Unsplash 

Liquid foundation 

I spread it across my face for a more solid mask

To hide the foundations and bonds of my past

In an attempt to remold the future.


Don't read this with heavy eyes 

And sadness in your chest

But joy at the act of a woman,


Picking herself up again 

Dictating her own fate.


Her tight braid 

And red lipstick 

Were used as a distraction 

To hide the emptiness she felt today

(For a second)

But when oil touches skin

And the makeup melts away to reveal sincerity 

The impulse and irrationality,

Fades away through the drain in the bathroom

And reveals flowers blotched on her face

In the form of redness

And stories in the form of moles

Placed like a constellation 

On her cheeks.

I am still here,

My core available for those who desire it,

Especially me-

Even through the colours 

And pigments 

I will paint on myself in the morning.

Not for mourning

Or to hide

But to re-draft myself day by day

Like a poem

Getting better with time.

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A Second of Sadness, A Day of Warmth
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