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A Sampling of Poetry


@gillian_1234 on instagram by @sienadini

i feel my chest caving in and my heart bleeding

tired limbs reaching out for the love they aren’t receiving

i think i’m lonely again

thinking about forgotten friends

and in the darkest mornings and the brightest nights

i find myself searching for a new way to fight

do i build a path with my bones?

or tear down this already broken home?

if i could write a place where everything was new i would

if i could write about what having your breath is like i would

if i could write about feeling pretty i would

if i could write about holding your hand i would

i think i’m starting to crack

it starts in my skull and moves down my back


i crave warm blood dripping down my cold and aching skin

puddles on the tiled ground

tired eyes barely seeing

and fragile chests barely heaving

up and down

down and up

it soaks into my hair

stains my fairytales

there’s poison in the sugar

lined around my lips

i need life breathed back into me

from the beginning

grass stains on my soft knees

laughter and the color pink

how quickly it turns to a bloody red

how quickly her heart accepted the dread

how quickly i fell to the floor

how quickly my mother unlocked the door

and now we’re in a special place

where the devil laughs at the blood on my face


would you bleed for me like i did for you?

rip it out your skin?

tear it out your heart?

the veins grow back but not without scars

white against my flesh

violent and forever

i feel an earthquake in my chest

it’ll break me open again

all my ghosts and demons and angels

feeling the earth for the very first time

will they leave me?


they’re stuck to my soul

pouring nightmares in my eyes

and tearing dreams apart

i used to be the savior

i used to believe in love

now i rot in a field of broken words

trying to stand up

but my bones are gone

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Siena Dini
Siena Dini

Hi friends! I write poetry, short fiction stories, essays, and hopefully will start some entries about things I am passionate about! Thanks for reading- it means so much!

instagram: @sienadini

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A Sampling of Poetry
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