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A Rant

Stare In Admiration

He looked at her like she was the moon

as she looked at him like he was a

divine, ethereal being.

Even though she was fine being hidden

during the night,

He made sure her tranquil beauty

was to be seen by everyone.

During the day, she stepped aside,

as all she could do was

stare in admiration, as he

shone so brightly, all

of the world could see.

Despite this, they ultimately

could not be together,

as different commitments

drove through their needs.

He was the day,

she was the night.

Both could take flight

without the other.


Having those red lines

meant the world to me,

It made me see that I

had control over everything.

As long as they kept coming,

I'll keep loving what I do.

Even though it cannot be shown

It's the only thing that can't be blown

to shattered pieces.

You can never go too far

with that silver metal,

at least that is what I thought.

Even though I fought to keep it together.


There is so much infernal

rage that there is a calm

before the perfect storm.

That perfect storm hits,

and the inferno flurry of fury

comes upon us.

Do we come to our senses

and find a solution?


We continue to fight like

we were in an eternal winter

that will kill most of us off.


This entire time I have

Thought that maybe, just

maybe, life could not get any lower

than it was.

I also sit here knowing that

if I put in a little effort, I'd be

able to turn my life around.

I don't do this, and I know

full well that I have to.

Maybe it's something in me

that has me thinking I can't,

maybe I don't want to fight for it,

I don't know.

What I do know is that

I will eventually not be

as I am now.

One day, but not now.

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A Rant
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