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A Quitter in Me

A Poem

I quit, letting my anxiety get the best of me. Being so overwhelmed with task that I just want to hide in sympathy. I quit trying to be the quiet one in a room & letting others have an opinion for me. 

I quit being so negative towards myself but so supportive to someone else in need. Now don't get me wrong, I will always be there in your darkest deed.

I just can let myself bleed out & have you think everything's okay with me.

I quit trying to put everyone else's happiness before mine. Letting the monsters in my head be the reason why, I can't be my own unique shine.

I quit being stepped all over & trying to finding excuses for those that don't deserve my kind heart.

I quit trying to let other people tell them what shape my body needs to be, in order to be beautiful, I have to be excepted by society. Don't always have to feel like I'm competing for a pageant league.

I quit holding my tears in fear of people thinking I'm weak.

Let people control the way my day's gonna go, or simply let my feelings not be a priority.

I quit having toxic people in my life that won't let me breathe or tell me that I'm to full of myself when all I want to do is build a brighter future for me.

So yes, I am a quitter, but doesn't mean it's not for a better me. 

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A Quitter in Me
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