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A Question Asked in Darkness

The Tale of Humans

In darkness broached the man his subject.

“Who are we, what are we, and why are we?”

He asked the people.

The man then stood, waiting for an answer.

None came.

None would ever come.

For even now, there are questions we cannot answer.

This topic, in the darkness broached,

Would bring the memories back.

Those times of darkness, mentioned

Would flood the waters from the crack

The levy possessed. The darkness spouts

In shadowy waters endless deep,

That through the endless designated routes,

To deepest depths of humans seep.

Remember, the times when we were sundered.

We are still, for division comes again.

The times of crisis are nigh, the end-times are arriving.

But who shall solve the problem?

Not one human shall.

We are not one human, we are the multitudes.

We are not intelligent, we are wise.

We are not indivisible, but are united.

Remember, we are the united, but not united.

We are the one but the many.

We are intelligent but foolish.

We are the hope of the world.

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A Question Asked in Darkness
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