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A Poem that Will Be Forgotten Over Time

She found her soulmate, he didn't. This person is confessing her love by writing a poem but the last two lines show that before she could give her love the poem he left her.

If my love for you was represented by a single drop of water,
Then my love would fill the oceans and all seven seas.
If my love was part of a single human cell,
I’d give you all of me.
If my love could light a tiny flame,
Then my love would be all the stars.
If my love for you could travel around,
It would be faster than planes, trains, and cars.
If the sun shone every time you make me happy,

We would have no cloudy days.
If a light could represent how much I care,
It would be the sun's golden rays.
If a second could represent all my joy
It would take up a thousand years.
If my love could stop a small fight,
The world would be filled with smiles, not tears.

If words could represent how great it feels to be yours,

I could fill a thousand books.

If you could see my love,

It would be everywhere you look.
I hope you know how much it means
To have you in my life and know that I care.
But because of recent events,
This is a poem I will never get to share… 

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A Poem that Will Be Forgotten Over Time
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