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A Poem Full of Light for Warm Souls: Walking in a Meadow

I want that story to be mine.

Walking in a meadow

where the harps play

dreaming of magic all day

the real kind is special

made from the ones that shine

I want that story to be mine

a story made memories

making me warm softly

like the flowers I see

pretty as they are

life is what I want beautiful

I want that story to be mine


I, I want to laugh

I want to sing and dance

Treat everyday like a chance

I, I want to be a princess

I want to be superhero and a star

to be happy as we are

Make life your own

feel right at home

Make life your own


Learning to live

to choose right

nail what's in sight

finding yourself

discovering your place

to run which races

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A Poem Full of Light for Warm Souls: Walking in a Meadow
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