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A Poem from the Sun

Faded Memories

The sun hugs my skin

Held in one gentle warm embrace.

Butterflies kiss my nose and toes

Setting off little tingling explosions.

Flowers cover the ground like a blanket.

Pops of colour and excitement everywhere.

The grass is the richest hue of green

And it becomes a soft mattress for my back.

The dandelions are my favourite.

The suns of the earth

Bring light to the bugs hiding in the dirt.

I hop from yellow to yellow

Picking them before they get squished by our blanket.

We wouldn't want to murder sun with our picnic

Not my smiling family anyway...

My brave Daddy is the best.

His strong arms catch me when I stumble

His kind smile tells me I'm safe.

My happy Mommy is the prettiest.

The light in her eyes sparks a fire inside me

The fire that is the center of my joyful smile.

Together we can jump over all the puddles when it rains.

Hand in hand, we sing the birdies to sleep each night.

We pull the sun out of the dirt and raise it into the blue sky

And ignite our lives with an eternity of smiles.

* * * * * 

I let the paper slip from my hands and wipe the raindrops falling from my eyes. I look through the clouding tears and see the dark and broken room around me. I wonder; where did these dandelions go? The colourful flowers and the dancing butterflies have faded from memories to dreams. My fire is almost burnt to ash.

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A Poem from the Sun
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