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A Poem About Travel

The Traveler

Photo by S.Hassan

I find solace in travel

And it appears to be a solace of stillness and adventure all wrapped in one

I find solace in meeting new faces and not forgetting the old because new faces remind you of the old.

I find peace.

It is a peace of spirit, a peace of soul, and my soul has flown adrift.

I don’t know when it will be back, but as they say when you love something set it free, and if it comes back it is yours.

And I love my soul. And it has come back to me many times over and over.

I find myself in a new land, and there is clean air everywhere,

I breathe in so I can fill my lungs with the new, and the unfamiliar, and the different and the interesting and the unanswered questions and the hope that no matter what happens I'm still me even though my soul has flown.

And I don’t want to breathe out, because that’ll mean my travel is over and I don’t want it to end.

You see, I’m a traveler but not in the way that you think.

I travel to a mind far away when I want to escape.

Escape what is surrounding me, closing in on me and holding me captive.

My journey away leads me to be free

Floating in a space of nothingness, yet it has everything to me.

I travel to a land far away to learn about myself more deeply.

I want to be submerged with this element of pondering and be far from reality

This is a haven for me.

I travel for the silence that says more than 1000 words.

I travel for deep contemplation

And to fully love and have appreciation

For the things around me that better me, strengthen me, and make me whole.

I travel for the true self I wish to embody

The transformation of becoming a traveler serves a purpose

I travel to a mind that is renewed, replenished, and my own.

And I never want to leave this destination.

This destination that goes on until I breathe out and my journey is over.

So, for now I will remain a traveler.

As I find solace in travel.

As I find peace

And as I find my soul coming back to me.

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A Poem About Travel
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