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A Plea

Confessions of the Subconscious

When i was little

I would dream of far away places

Different people and Culture

Many different races

But i got older.

Getting older

Means dreams are harder to maintain

We pack them and ship them in a box

Because growing up

I had to focus on the money i had to gain.

See wants and dreams

have no say next to needs and necessities

Destruction lies in wait

like an inactive volcano

only to one day, blow in our pretty faces

See this one is a plea

to you from me 

don't let your dreams suffer

fly like the wind, never look back

sometimes we have to let go, 

to gain what we hope for the most.

Sometimes we just have to let go.

My plea, to you from me 

never let freedom go

sing the songs of freedom, high and low

Take it from me, to gain our dreams 

We will certainly achieve.

Don't ever get permanently stuck

Get up and breathe, smile

give way to happy and forget sad

be glad, be you, true to you.

My plea,

Never forget yourself

strive to please yourself

Win at how you think is winning.

Make your own happiness

Make your dreams reality

Live your own happy.

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A Plea
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