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A Night, a Day, a Lifetime, a Sentence

Aye, Something for Somethings' Sake

17/72 Band Cover Art

Suffering in a night, in the rain, in a corner of the street.

Face against cement, eye peering at the people walking by, it closes itself in defeat.

Heart beating, pounding from the chest to the floor, dangling on a string.

The vibrations dance, and raise to the mountain, where offerings do they bring.

Again, and again, turned to the side without will, failed to regain entry.

Spiraling mind on the floor, out of hope, so far from serenity.

So much effort to pry the arms from the ground, spin around, behind you it waits.

On the streets, in your sleep, written on ancient slates.

Upon a curse, does the hooded figure laugh with mirth, pointing at you.

Mirrors surround you, and you fight your reflections not knowing who’s really who.

And deep in your dreams hides the means for the element twin.

From within the portal comes a helical holographic spin.

From memories flashing behind your eye, and the candelabrum’s gyrate swing.

A loss from around the sea carpet town; and followed down the sinking sound of something.

Tracked by a camera motor console, the detector found only metals and gem stone casserole.

A joke from the skeleton burned the ears of the wolf; at the midnight moon he set himself ablaze

And howled a bloody cry, warning to those dead and alive to take care of their energy raise.

The molten moon falls, and our heated gothic sister comes to our aid at last.

The second sun bursts from the womb of mother Earth.

The blinding light returns you to the rainy street, and what forces were loose now being contained below your feet.

The figure melting his terrible appearance to become feeble and inviting, with hypnotic smile and eyes on his face.

This disguise scares you even more, but you are forced to embrace.

In a night, a day, a lifetime, the whole universe dies and is reborn infinitely… Your suffering is real, and imagined, as is all energy and matter.

Say what you mean, aye enter thy true heart-space and your flat-tire luck will reverse, ancient power will be yours and acceptance will fill thine soul. 

If you take the hand of fear, your mind will be free. Your sentence will turn into a ruling, empowering yourself to make divine of thy imaginative faculty. 

Set the theme of your life, and act upon intuition's calling. 

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A Night, a Day, a Lifetime, a Sentence
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