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A New Start

How do you start at the beginning?

A new life? Could it be true?
Could I start something new?
Could I be who I desire?
Can I cleanse myself through fire?
I see a path, it's not as dark,
I no longer have a mark,
Can I walk on solid ground?
Will my future strength, ever be found?
How do I know that this is true?
That I can see every part of you.
You've opened up and shown me everything,
Even your plan to fix my wings,
You've stripped away my outside shell,
your hand reaching to pull me out of hell,
I have searched for a protector for so long,
Now you come asking me,
you want me to be strong,
I am so speechless,
I have no words to express,
Can this all be real can it be true?
That you have come to help me start new?

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A New Start
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