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A New Sky

For "A"

Do you remember that day?

Under a scortching summer sun?

Under the cover of a little cafe?

Under an English Sky?

How we met? I had half a cup of tea left becuase i had dropped the rest in my lap?

How we both had the idea of a cigarette?

How I wanted to make a comment about the state of your roll, but didn't?;

Do you remember that bench we sat on?

Both of us anxious and over thinking?

Both of us caught up in the moment?

Under an English Sky?

How we chatted? How I had tried to make a conversation out of nothing because I couldn't get enough of your voice?

How we kept hearing that little drone?

How I kissed you, and how you kissed me back and we spent the rest of the time in each eachothers arms?;

Do you remember the day after?

That I had to fly out to France that day?

That I had decided to have a cigarette with you outside?

Under an English Sky?

How I sat at the table working on my laptop and you came from behind and hugged me?

How I wished that moment to never end?

How we embraced eachother for hours, just in the sacred silence of pure appreciation?;

Do you remember one night at my house?

That you had suddenly caught the giggles?

That you knew that I had to go to work in the morning?

Under an English Sky?

How you couldn't stop laughing at nothing and I kept making you laugh?

How your laugh was pure music to my ears?

How we eventually fell asleep with something on the telly, cuddled up, deep in the warmth of love?;

Now I find myself under a new sky, a strange sky, a sky where the land beneath it speaks a different language with different customs.

But as long as you are by my side, I will be able to call any sky we look up to and find together, home.;

Do you remember how much I love you? Oh how much I love you so?

Know how much I love you. Oh how much I love you so.

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A New Sky
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