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A Mother Will Lose Her Son Too Soon


+I find it so absurd that people cannot express their hurt with words,

Loud gunshots are all that is heard,

A boy lie bleeding in the streets,

A mother holding her child while weeping,

While thinking I’ll never get to see my only child walk down the aisle.

The boy’s peeps gather in the streets,

Revenge is all they seek,

Anything else would be perceived as weak,

The mother says, “I don’t want any bloodshed,

I don’t want another mother’s tears shed,

Enough talk of bloodshed,

I don’t want anybody else dead,

Too many babies are dead.

Where does it end?”

Boy’s friend says, “I swear to you that I will exact your son’s revenge.”

The mother says, “To what end?

My only son will still be dead.”

Boy says, “Revenge is all we have in the end.”

“Then another mother’s son is dead.

When will it end?

“What if they kill you too?

What will your mother do?

If she lost you too?”

Boy say, “revenge is all I can do for you.”

“Than your mother will lose a son too soon.

I fear the next generation is doomed.”


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A Mother Will Lose Her Son Too Soon
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