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A Moon's Despair

A Poem

I wonder within a long walk,

This arduous journey of mine,

Painful steps trace back to my dark dungeon,

To a blooming meadow of maroon roses we meet,

Tedious singing charms are all I have until we finally greet.

Black bats flutter in under my gaze,

Night air bites away at my pale cratered face,

From the dark crystal ceiling above I wonder of you,

Never have I held something so dear, a sky mirroring the ocean blue.

Warm haze envelops me,

A bright light is coming from behind, burning colors threaten me upon the black sea,

The cold fades away leaving me breathless as I greet you today,

Slowly I begin to fall, in a silent plea I kiss you goodbye, I am tomorrow's castaway.

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A Moon's Despair
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