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A Love Like No Other


All of these songs give me mixed signals

Is love real?

Or is it like a cardinal

First you see red

Then the feeling is gone

The wonder and amazement

Makes you fawn

But then all of that leaves you

And you're left to wallow

Or is love like a dog?

A dog that just follows

On top of your heels

There in a hurry

When you call his name

To you he just scurries

Happy vibrations

Smiling and waiting

Trying and loving

Not capable of hating

The dog is loyal

The dog is yours

It helps you through anything

You're never chore

You're always priority

Never minority

Your every issue they carry

To any length they'd go

If I am to love

I would be neither

I'd float above

Higher than a cardinal

Because my love's mass

Is quite unconditional

I would surpass

The loyal dog

My love is strong

For I am a fighter

Striding so long

On a path meant for two

I am no jogger

I run this path full speed

Never again do I have to wander

For I have found the color red

Isn't always dull

I'm glad to have found

Love isn't so out of control

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A Love Like No Other
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