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A Loss for Time

Spoken Words by Lady Psyren

Time works in a funny way

Sometimes it’s night, sometimes it’s day

We make it exact, We make it late

Throughout the month, it comes with a date

Time is a bit controlling

If you ask me

Most of it just flew by,

And it’s the end of the week

We rush and panic

Constantly checking, so frantic

And then when we lose someone

Or a year has gone by

We sit there and laugh…or even cry

‘Cause we never took a minute

To enjoy what was right in front of us

Always too busy

Always to engrossed


It doesn’t have to control us

It doesn’t have to lead our day

It doesn’t have push us

Or pull us in ANY way

Enjoy the wind

Enjoy the sun

Enjoy your family

Grab your friends and have fun!

For this life is short

And it’s borrowed

And WAY to full of

“What If’s” for tomorrow

Time is a funny thing

Works in a funny way

But, I challenge, the next morning you wake up

I bet you won’t let it control your day! 

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Lady Psyren
Lady Psyren

I am an independent artist and writer based in Milwaukee, WI. I've always enjoyed writing and I use nature to help me do it. I write Hip-Hop/R&B and Video Game Music. My poetry is usually about the world as I see it and my culture.

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A Loss for Time
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