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A Life Rewritten

A Phoenix Set Free


I surrender to the grass that is sharp; to blades that are green

I remember days that be long gone; passed youth as a teen

Last December; cold times for my life; for my dreams

Forgotten pleasure; late nights awake I would always sing

But what is rendered? Nothing but unfocused things

So, I surrender to the grass that is sharp; to blades that are green

And acquire a new path; a new form of belief

Running fiercely as like a free-flowing stream

Though long ago we'd go to places once only in our dreams

Yet today we show the less we know by tearing at the seams

We build our armies; the bravely bold, the powerful many

We take hold of our life stories; rewrite all new endings

Our hope and praying won't take the pain; it won't change the worry

We can't delete this lesson that's now; this role that we're playing

This ain't a movie, nor has this been a wanted plan of still staying

It's just simply a happening that isn't seen growing or even aging

Although, our knowing isn't gauged by the wisdom we're showing

It isn't ever based on how one impacts those who're self-loathing

It's measured precisely through an act of a person's strength; their want for more learning

A soul's need to rebuild; to gain a deeper understanding

Completely awake and forever asleep

I surrender to the sea that is wide; an ocean that is deep

I will experience clean waters; between my fingers it'll seep

Next summer; warm times for my goals made; the ones that I keep

Replace my pain; on stages I will finally be seen

But what is executed? Something full of given things

So, I surrender to the sea that is wide; an ocean that is deep

I've rewritten this living; I will fulfill these dreams

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A Life Rewritten
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